We provide technology and solutions for agricultural production, from sowing to harvest, with more than 200 quality agro-inputs.

We offer a variety of seeds, phytosanitary products, fertilizers, fuels and other agro-inputs that make up a solution proposal which is unique in the Argentine market for the agricultural producer.

In addition, in animal nutrition and health, we have a variety of products to promote livestock production.

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In our seeds you will find a greater yield, adaptation to different productive regions, industrial quality and excellent sanitary behavior.

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Crops´ nutrition

Thanks to the quality of our products we are leaders in the production, import and distribution of agricultural fertilizers.

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Crops protection

We provide a wide range of products for the crops protection, producing and marketing herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and adjuvants.

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Animal Nutrition

We aim to offer the livestock producer the best techniques and high-tech products, promoting animal welfare and productive efficiency.

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Animal health

We have a complete line of veterinary products for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases.

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We manufacture silo bags with the latest generation five layers technology, a unique and differential product for the Argentine market.